Art design etc

etc.venues delivering inspiration through art and design

Contemporary art has always been an important part of the etc.venues experience, and we’ve been collecting pieces since our first venue opened in 1992.

The collection is now over 600 pieces including sculpture, DVDs and installations as well as traditional wall mounted art, and can be seen in all our venues. Our art collection helps our venue spaces to be even more inspirational, creating an atmosphere that generates ideas and discussion. We work closely with local artists and galleries to ensure that we can promote local talent, and maybe even discover the next Damien Hirst.

Our love of art also influences our outlook on interior design – you won’t find any blue velvet banqueting chairs here! We choose items that are not only functional and expertly designed – the Perry 8 hour chair for example, but are also a bit of an eye opener – the life size horse sculpture at the Hatton that’s also a lamp!

We also think about colour and light – for us, natural daylight is a must and the colours that we add to our venues are equally important. Our training rooms are a neutral backdrop designed to aid focus, but are complimented by our vibrant coffee lounges and restaurants, giving you that much needed ‘pick me up’ during your breaks.

Our art is also a key part of our CSR commitment as we are always keen to support local artists and initiatives.