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For many businesses, homeworking has proved there's no need for the expense of an office. Of course, there'll always be occasions when meeting up makes sense (e.g. team brain-storming sessions and project kick-offs). And that's where we can help. 

An outstanding way to outsource

Our venues are the perfect places for your team to meet face-to-face. You can book a meeting room - or even a whole floor - from our portfolio of stunning city centre locations.

Perfectly located. And perfectly safe

Our spaces are conveniently located and yours for a day to a year (and any period in-between). What's more, our 18-Point Plan ensures our venues are perfectly safe, too.

A Breath of Fresh Care

A Breath of Fresh Care

A truly flexible solution

Whether you're a small business of up to 20 people or a global organisation seeking a more flexible solution, the benefits are compelling:

Create and collaborate

Space to collaborate and create

More than 270 meeting rooms across London and the UK makes it easy for you to find the ideal type of space and location to collaborate and create.

Complete Privacy

Total privacy

There are no open plan set-ups, no hot-desking and no random strangers. Instead, you enjoy a private, enclosed meeting room to call your own.

High Speed Wi Fi

Integrated tech and hi speed Wi-Fi

Expect superfast connectivity, access to state-of-the-art equipment and a tech team to ensure you're ready to plug in and go.


Perfect for client meetings

Our meeting rooms are also ideal if you want an offsite space to host clients of new prospects. Simply close the door and close the deal.


Cost saving packages

With our Day Delegate Rate (DDR) packages, you replace complexity with flexibility. No more fixed long-term office leases.


A hassle-free way to stay agile

The trend towards outsourcing meeting space is accelerating with more businesses choosing this agile option every day.

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