Smile! We're even more flexible...

Smile! We're even more flexible...

At our venue in Borough, South London, we will literally move walls to accommodate you.  Our Smile suite can be used on its own as a small conference room with catering/exhibition space or used in conjunction with the Illuminate Suite.  Simply choose the configuration that works best for you!

Event Type 1

  • Private Conference & Catering/Exhibition Space
  • Smile 1 - 2 holds 80 Cabaret
  • Smile 3 – 4 holds 100 standing catering

Event Type 2

  • Smile 1 – 3 holds 100 Cabaret / 175 Theatre
  • Smile 4 for breakout room which holds 50 Cabaret / 80 Theatre
  • Catering in Smile Lounge 

The Smile Suite is a great space for 60 – 100 cabaret style / 80 - 175 Theatre style with 1-2 breakout rooms.

Event Type 3

The Smile Suite can also be used in conjunction with the high tech Illuminate Suite. The Illuminate Suite can accommodate 130 Cabaret / 300 Theatre style. 

The Smile Suite can be used for private catering & exhibition for up to 20 stands or the Smile Suite can be used for 3-4 breakout rooms alongside the Illuminate Suite allowing you to have the whole event on one floor and can be booked on an exclusive use basis.

To talk through all the options contact the team a call on 020 7105 6030, and they'll be happy to help!

For images of the Smile Suite click here.



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