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Your exclusive FREE invite to 'Maximum Impact 2012'.

This conference is designed to develop your professional and personal skills, and is FREE to etc.venues clients.

The venue: etc.venues - St. Paul's, 200 Aldersgate, St. Paul's, London. EC1A 4HD.
The date: 14th December, 9am start with breakfast, lunch and finishing with networking at 4.30pm.

To RSVP email or call Ailen on 020 3011 0830.

Speakers and sessions at 'Maximum Impact 2012'.

Miriam Staley - ‘Use Your Head To Get Ahead’
Understand the characteristics of a positive mindset
Tap into unlimited confidence whenever you need it
Confidence vs competence
Belief systems and the impact they have on everything
Changing the way you think will change the results you get
You don't get what you want, you get what you focus on

Michael Tipper - 'How to Read Faster and Remember More!'
Profoundly simple secrets to having a powerful memory
Demonstrate the power of belief on our ability to recall, have the audience
Recalling volumes of information they never thought possible

Rosemary Parr - 'The Sky's The Limit - Top Tips on achieving your dream PA role'.
Assessment of where are you now with your career and where do you want to get to?
How good are you in your current role and what needs to change?
Discover the key skills that top PAs use to get their dream job.

Andy Edwards - ‘Why Can’t People Be More Like Me?’
Identify why people react and respond in different ways
Recognise the ‘common denominators’ of difference
Literally see how our perception can let us down
Learn how to adapt and connect for the best possible business relationships!

Dan Collins –‘Learning through Play’
Why play is wasted on the young
5 Great games to energise your training
The future of play in organisations

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