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Our Head of Design Franck Rosello has been selected on the Meeting Industry Association 'List' that celebrates people in our industry that show "dedication, commitment and a willingness to go just that little bit further in pursuit of excellence".

Over 50 people were nominated which was shortlisted down to 23 for the first stage interviews and assessments.

The judges then had the difficult job of creating a final list of 10 who make up the 'MIA List' for 2014.

The results were announced yesterday (April 7th) at a wonderful lunchtime ceremony at Church House Conference Centre in London. We are delighted that Franck made the top 10 in recognition of his many years of dedicated service to the events industry where he has worked in a range of roles and is now responsible for the interior design and service delivery of our venues.

Franck shown on the left of the picture receiving the award was delighted and said:-

"Wow, the company has won lots of awards recently for the venues themselves, customer service and even our website but these awards are a little bit different as they really recognise some of the individuals across the industry that work hard to make UK hospitality as good as it is.

I'm lucky to have a job I love and to win this award is fantastic - although I think I'll be spending a small fortune now on drinks for all the great people in the team who help me so much with my venue projects."

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