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We’ve always enjoyed showcasing new talent – from our conscientious work placement students, to budding chefs and now - Contemporary artists.

Our new piece called “Feather Frequency 6,15,18 13, 9, 3, 11, 5, 25” by Mark Rose combines two great passions of ours - contemporary art and recycling. It's on display in the Connect lounge at Prospero House and is quickly becoming a favourite with delegates and staff alike.

The artwork is made all the impressive when you discover that Mark also practices what etc.venues preaches – as the piece is made from recycling old coffee stirrers gathered up from our coffee points and then finished in gold and metallic paints.

Mark says the piece is inspired by a “…fascination for the repetitive, rhythmic patterns that present themselves to us at every level of our existence” and was originally created for an art exhibition called “The Wing Assignment”. We’ve been lucky enough to inherit the piece from the exhibition and is on display in the very place the original materials were sourced from! .

Mark’s no stranger to what looks good in our venues – as a full time member of the etc.venues team, he’s responsible for cataloguing and displaying our existing pieces (over 600 and counting) as well as looking after our delegates.

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