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Hosting a conference for all the conference industry leaders in one place at one time, could be the stuff of nightmares or as it turns out, dreams, given the great turnout and success of the inaugural Conference for Conference Professionals.

500 attendees, 300 by webinar, were treated to a panel of the great and the good including the CEO’s of Terrapin, Incisive Media, Informa and George P Johnson who engaged the audience, real and virtual, in a lively debate on industry trends and prospects.

Questions and comments poured in on Twitter and delegates in the room made good use of their smart phones via an App built especially for the conference.

How good it was hear all the industry leaders affirming the importance of live events, real time networking and the importance a good venue plays in a successful conference.

We’ll leave it to Rory Ross Russell (the organiser of the event) who so kindly said they were at etc.venues Dexter House because so many had recommended it – well thank you, and if you’d like to hear more of what he and the others said click here to visit the event website. You can read more about the event, see pictures and view the recorded webcast.

Dexter House turned out to be the perfect location for the recent "Conference for Conference Professionals' thanks to its flexible mix of conference space, exhibition area, break out rooms and in-house catering.

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