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Alastair Stewart of etc.venues has won the London and South East regional award for best Corporate and Environmental responsibility in the prestigious BVCA CEO Awards.

The BVCA is the industry body and public policy advocate for the private equity and venture capital industry in the UK and their awards celebrate best practice amongst privately backed companies.

etc.venues have a real pedigree in winning CSR Awards including the recent National Recycling Award, Southwalk Environment Award, qualifying for the industry CAREPAR scheme and being one of only a few companies to gain IIP accreditation 6 times in a row.

Alastair is delighted to have won the award having been nominated by Dunedin Capital Partners and commented:-

“Although this award is given to CEO’s it is my team of Green Champions who deserve all the credit and I’m delighted for them. We have a long history of pioneering CSR initiatives dating back to when the company started 17 years ago and the enthusiasm burns as strongly as ever.

The green champions in our 7 venues have a ferocious appetite for recycling even down to ensuring our old furniture finds new homes and all our new properties are furnished with sustainable materials. Our support of local suppliers is a big strand of our CSR policy as is our support of local causes with our current charity, Magic Breakfast benefiting hugely from our help and support (30 of us even ran a 10K run raising £4,000 for them).

Our involvement with the 'Heart of The City' which promotes the benefits of CSR to London companies has re-invigorated our efforts and helped us to channel our activities in more effective ways.

It’s great to have the won the BVCA regional final – here’s hoping we go one better and win the national award”

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