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Anyone who has visited our Dexter House venue in Tower hill will know that lunch there can be a bit special but it is always great for it to be officially recognised.

So we are delighted that the Catering Team at Dexter have again been awarded the Gold award in the Tower Hamlet’s Food for Health Awards – recognising caterers that have made healthy changes to menus to reduce calories, fat and sugar.

A spokesperson from The Tower Hamlets NHS who run the initiative commented:-

“This initiative was born out of the Government’s Healthy Weight Healthy Lives Strategy and NHS Tower Hamlet’s local strategy with the same name. Our Award is focused on obesity prevention so criteria are mainly aimed at reducing fat content, and therefore calories. There are three strands to the award and a Gold winner must meet all the criteria starting with the relatively easy Bronze level, then Silver and finally Gold. Dexter House won the Gold because they meet all the criteria for the three strands.”

The Awards were introduced in 2009 and Dexter House were the first tobe awarded Gold so it is great to follow-up with more recognition this year.

Alan Palmer – Head Chef at Dexter House was delighted with the award and commented:-

I’m fully behind our focus at etc.venues of serving ‘Brain Fuel’ to our delegates to make sure they stay focused and alert in the afternoon. I believe its my responsibility to ensure our clients get not only a great tasting meal but a meal that will give them the energy and nutrition they need so they have a good day's training. At Dexter House (as at all the etc.venues) we use less fat and sugar, use Rapeseed oil for cooking and practice healthier cooking techniques; as well as encouraging healthy choices and promoting healthier eating to clients. My challenge is then to make the food really appetising and tasty as well and this award is great recognition that we are doing a good job. With the right ingredients and good cooking skills food can be healthy tasty and satisfying at the same time – come and have lunch with me at Dexter House and I’ll show you how.

You can get in touch with Alan by emailing

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