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etc.venues Paddington opened their creaky doors to their neighbours to enjoy a Halloween themed event.

But in true etc.venues style, our victims were made to scream for their supper. During the event, they had a pumpkin carving masterclass from Evil Elroy (he isn't really...he's very nice), with the best pumpkins judged by Bogeylady Bee.

They then had another chance to win a bottle of something nasty with the Halloween Cookie decorating competition - Revolting Ron the chef made bat, ghost and gravestone cookies for the victims to decorate.

Then Repugnant Rhys tortured them all with the following "Manapes" - MAN sized canapes that included:

  • Steak skewer with Horseradish cream.
  • Crab Cakes.
  • Polenta cake topped with onion and fig comfit.
  • Pigs in blankets with a cranberry dip.
  • Sun dried tomato pastry twirl.
  • Smoked salmon tortilla rolls

We then forced them to drink Bloody Mary's, champagne cocktails and the most terrifying of all - Black Martinis (a decadent mixture of Chambord, Vodkas and blackberrys).

To everyone that managed to escape at the end of the night, we hope you had a horrible time.

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