etc.venues help the Mayor of London launch volunteer initiative

Boris Johnson - Mayor of London

etc.venues MD Alastair Stewart, was invited to speak alongside Boris Johnson at the launch of a new programme to promote volunteering in London companies.

etc.venues have chosen to support the charity Magic Breakfast with fund raising activity but have also enabled staff to get involved in volunteering work with one of the local schools in the programme.

This is exactly the type of volunteering work Boris Johnson is keen to champion and asked Alastair to join him at the City Hall launch as a great example of an SME company embracing the benefits that volunteering can bring to employees and companies alike.

The Mayor said "My goal is to make volunteering an everyday part of working life in our city.  If every medium to large sized business gave 25% of their staff a day off, this would create a million additional days of volunteering.  Businesses are heaving with skilled staff that could add immeasurable value to society."

Alastair was delighted to endorse the Mayor's new volunteering initiative and said:

"As a medium sized business operating in a frenetic industry, life is very busy but making time for our staff volunteering programme has been such an important part of team spirit and staff development...Finding the right volunteering activity is very important which is why we were so pleased when Heart of the City put us in touch with Carmel McConnell and Magic Breakfast which is a great fit for us.  There are so many worthwhile activities to choose from and the support is out there to help SME's get involved."

Read the lastest press release from Magic Breakfast here.

Read the press release from the Mayor of London here.


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