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Just like an ideal graduate - our venues are focussed, fit-for-purpose, dedicated and vibrant. Hundreds of thousands of new recruits from most of the global top employers have been on training programmes in our venues over the last 20 years.

The Learning Experience

The Learning Experience
Discover why the learning environment plays a key role in development programmes.

Creating Memorable Moments

Creating Memorable Moments
Find out some tips on making your learning experience memorable.

Expert advice and guides

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10 top tips when selecting your venue

Pick a central London location. Grads are picky and may choose which programme to go on depending on location. London's night life is a great attraction but they need to be central enough to enjoy it and get home safely afterwards.

Choose an apartment hotel. A number of graduate programmes prefer apartment hotels rather than standard ones as they offer great value and more desk space to work from in between training sessions.

Nourish their mind and body. Graduate courses can be mentally and physically draining. Pick a venue which serves ‘brain food’ that’s both delicious and nutritious to keep them fired-up. Even better, ensure there’s an onsite chef to adapt menus for last-minute requirements or to suit cultural diets. 

Allow enough time to set-up. Make sure you book enough time to set-up - it can take longer than you'd expect! And make sure the venue's AV supplier is there to support you while you're preparing.

Brand your training day. Branding opportunities within the venue that clearly display the theme of the day and your company logo will help new starters feel part of your firm right away.

Help grads stay connected. No millennial can live without at least three devices and that’s just the personal ones. Ensure there are plenty of access points in the venue for fast Wi-Fi and the infrastructure so everyone can download massive files at the same time. 

Avoid tech glitches. If a venue's PA systems, screens and audio are integrated, it can save you set-up time and not to mention costs of using a third-party supplier.

Remove Distractions. Can your venue restrict access to social media sites if you need to? Or prevent your delegates from downloading films during the training session? It’s good to have a high level of control if you need it to avoid unnecessary distractions.

Ensure total security. No one wants their competitor on site so make sure your venue guarantees exclusive use and that security measures are in place so laptops or confidential material don’t get stolen.

Reserve a quiet place for you. When you spend so much time focussing on the graduates’ requirements it’s easy to forget your own needs. Why not reserve a trainer’s room? That way you can escape for a 5 minute break or to make that quiet phone call.

Other resources

etc.venues has worked with RMP Enterprise for 8 years hosting the National Undergraduate Awards at our venues. The team at RMP have produced a number of  very useful podcasts on topics such as ‘The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Training Provider’. Listen here.

Graduates Podcast

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etc.venues is working with BCD Meetings & Events on a white paper focussing on a global view of trends in the graduate and intern programme management. Register below and we’ll send you a copy once it’s published.


Our expertise

etc.venues hosts over 33,000 new recruits every year. We know howto turn a good on-boarding programme into a first class one. But don't just take our word for it. A Global Learning Delivery Lead had this to say about our venues:

“No matter your graduate training, I believe the key to graduates’ hearts is showing how much you value them. This starts with a stylish venue, great food and plenty of it! As leaders of an industry award-winning graduate programme, we receive great feedback in lots of areas – etc.venues food, facilities and service always features as a highlight of the graduates training.”

Our venues are designed to offer a supercharged environment for learning as well as ensuring all attendees feel part of your firm from the minute they arrive.  


Our accreditations

etc.venues is accredited as a learning environment by the Learning Performance Institute. Our accreditation notes the following areas of quality:

  • People - The organisation has a strong culture of people development which is underpinned by an effective personal development planning process and actively pursued by managers and staff alike.
  • Technical Support - The quality and performance of the learning technologies is of a high standard and fully supports the client services offered. The organisation offers a fully comprehensive IT and computing service supported by state-of-the-art equipment and the option to customise. 
  • Event Support - The event support is a real strength of the organisation with all possible needs well catered for. A highly professional and accommodating service team are always on hand and all requests are handled in a timely and effective manner.

For more information about the Learning Performance Institute and to download our certificate, click here. 

Student Development

Approaches to student development

Student Development

As a long standing member of the Institute of Student Employers (ISE), etc.venues has hosted a number of their development conferences and actively participate in industry surveys.

The 2019 ISE Development Survey highlighted the different approaches to student development being used by employers. The proportion using Classroom Learning was 100% for graduates, 98% for apprentices, and 82% for school leavers. The same survey also showed that 72% of employers consider Classroom Learning to be the most impactful approach to student development.  

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