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Treacle, Guinness & Toasted Fennel seed bread

  Happy St. Patrick’s Day! This has got to be one of the easiest recipes I have ever made. The bread when finished is so versatile, have it in the afternoon with a mug of tea, serve it with horseradish cream and some rare roast beef or in my case I am serving it with Glenarm […]

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Energizer breakfast or brunch

There is nothing better than starting the day with a good breakfast or brunch. I was never been a big fan of porridge as a child but as I learned to cook I used my granny’s recipe and adapted it to my own taste. Back then they used water and a pinch if salt and […]

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Mulled wine

The christmas carols are on and the man in the famous red suit will be coming down your chimney soon with his big black sack. Why not  leave him a glass of mulled wine this Christmas? I suggest buying a £5-£7 bottle of red from the likes of Majestic. Contrary to popular belief, you need to use […]

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Perfectly Roasted Turkey

Most people are fed up with turkey at Christmas because its dry and tasteless, nothing to do with the Family figure cooking it for 10 hrs in an oven so here is a fool proof method to give you the best results on Christmas day.  I love turkey and Over the last few years I have been […]

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Gingerbread Men

A simple recipe for a traditional festive treat – gingerbread men. I have baked these for many years, hung them on the tree or simply shared them over a glass of mulled wine.. Using molasses gives them a lovely colour and flavour. The Gingerbread Men 420g                 Plain flour 1/4tsp               Salt 3/4tsp   […]

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Rippled green cupcakes

Rippled Cup cakes for National cup cake week

Its National cupcake week so why not join in and create your own rippled butter cream? This recipe is easy to make as long as you follow it exactly. Especially the sieved flour! Below are a few pictures of different events we have hosted in the last few months. We have made 1000’s of these […]

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chocolate and pistachio truffle cheesecake

Jose’s Baked Chocolate and Pistachio Truffle Cheesecake

Chocolate, pistachio truffle cheesecake One of our up and coming young chefs at etc venues, Prospero house has come up with this amazing recipe that is simply stunning. Jose’s attention to detail and balance of flavours work well, I do recommend a very small slice though! The recipe takes a little time to prepare and build […]

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Irish Soda Farls

St Patricks Day is almost upon us once again so to help line the stomach before you hit the town for the St Patrick’s day parade, here is my soda farl recipe. They are so easy to make, so give them a pop! 500g           Soda Bread flour (500g plain flour, 2tsp bicarbonate of soda) 390ml         Buttermilk […]

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Scotch pancakes

Auntie Liz’s Scotch Panakes

Scotch Pancakes I have a lot to thank my Auntie Liz for but one of them is making these delights, i remember sitting in her scullery waiting for these coming straight off her 60cm, 1″ thick cast iron griddle. As i write this, the smell of the buttermilk and lemon are embedded in my memory. We sat there like sea gulls […]

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That’s not a cake, this is a cake!

Today at etc venues, 155 Bishopsgate we have a fantastic event taking place with this very special cake. I have never seen such a cracking piece of work. Im not sure im looking forward to cutting this later, happy back to the future day! Below is a full selection of photo’s from all angles, @Bigalchef       […]

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