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Treacle, Guinness & Toasted Fennel seed bread

  Happy St. Patrick’s Day! This has got to be one of the easiest recipes I have ever made. The bread when finished is so versatile, have it in the afternoon with a mug of tea, serve it with horseradish cream and some rare roast beef or in my case I am serving it with Glenarm […]

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chocolate guinness cake

Chocolate Guinness Cake

I’m lucky enough (or unlucky for my waistline) to live with a REALLY GOOD baker who’s also Irish.  Here’s his fantastic Chocolate Guinness Cake recipe – the cake is rich and squishy and the frosting sits in a thick layer over the top like a head of Guinness!  After all, Guinness is good for you! […]

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Sweet Potato and Butternut Tagine Picture

Sweet Potato and Butternut Squash Tagine

This delicious and quick sweet potato and butternut squash tagine proves vegan food can be very tasty and very healthy and with the right library of spices in your cupboards you can always magic something from nothing as any of the main vegetables are interchangeable with what you have to hand once you have the […]

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Minestrone Soup

How to get your 10 per day! Minestrone Soup

So we are now being advised to eat 10 pieces of fruit and veg throughout the day. Seems like a lot so why not try this soup, it contains 9 of your 10! I’m a big fan of soup, not only is it healthy, I make a massive pot on a Monday and it will feed us for […]

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Chicken & Ham Hock Pie

Ingredients: 6 Chicken thighs – roasted for 20 minutes 250g Ham hock – cooked ½ Onion – diced 1 Carrot – diced 1 Celery stick – diced ½ pint of stock Milk Teaspoon of mustard 1 tablespoon of plain flour 1 packet of puff pastry Butter Salt & pepper Method: Sweat the diced carrot, celery […]

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National Pie Week

Sweet Potato Shepherds Pie. ingredients: 350g Lean Minced Beef 1/2 Onion diced 1 Carrot diced 1 Pint of stock 3 Sweet Potatoes Butter & Milk to mash Method: Sautee the diced veg until soft and then add the minced beef. When the meat is starting to turn brown, add your stock to the pan and […]

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