Chefs Day Trip – Vegetarian & Vegan Inspiration

Last Friday we took a day out of the kitchens to find inspiration for new vegetarian & vegan dishes to add to our menus. We wanted to find ideas for raw/refined snacks to accomodate to every delegates requirements.

We started out at Farmacy in Notting Hill – with a reputation for enabling clean indulgence, inspired by dishes from around the globe and supporting both a vegan and vegetarian diet, free from dairy, refined sugars, additives and chemicals.

Our thoughts & takeaways:

Golden MilkGolden Milk – warm coconut milk with black peppercorns, cardamom & turmeric – We will definitely be getting Marek to try this one at Fenchurch.



maca maltMaca Malt – Maca, almond butter, dates, banana, vanilla & cinnamon with almond milk Smooth banana undertone with a hit of cinnamon. The dates and vanilla are very light and almost invisible as a flavour. The almond milk does eventually come through.



adaptogenic latte Reishi, chaga, ho shu wu, maca, vanilla protein powder, dates & almond milk. Dave wasn’t impressed with this warm drink. Apart from not knowing what the ingredients are he said it tasted bland.


macro bowlMacro Bowl GF NF VG – quinoa served with avocado, seaweed, sauerkraut, steamed seasonal greens & sweet potato with a miso ginger dressing. Great bowl full of goodness with a great dressing. Crockery it was served in could be a good idea for us.


mexican bowlSprouted coriander rice, romaine, guacamole, frijoles, tomato ceviche, salsa & ‘sour cream’ topped with purple potato mash, corn chips & chipotle mayo
A lovely mix of spice with the hemp seeds on tomato adding a great visual effect. The beetroot dressing was more a textured puree but very nice being that is was served warm. The fresh herbs came in the form of a dressing through a base of warm rice. Not being a salad person I found this extremely good.


green eggs bowlGreen Eggs Bowl GF quinoa served with lightly steamed seasonal greens, Avocado & garlic aioli topped with a poached egg.



middle east bowl Middle East Bowl – GF NF VG – Steamed buckwheat served with baba ganoush, spirulina, hummus, sprouted tabbouleh, sweet potato falafels & pickled beetroot topped with sprouts and zatar crackers


asian saladAsian Salad – GF NF VG – Seaweed, broccoli, spinach, cucumber, mushrooms, sprouts & sesame seeds with a sesame ginger dressing. Yvonne felt this salad although tasty lacked some other ingredients.



raw banoffee pie Biscuit base with fresh bananas, maca caramel & coconut whipped ‘cream’. We shared 3 desserts so we could try them all. I think we all agreed this banoffee wasn’t right the base although it says biscuit felt more rolled oats and was quite dry. The whole pie was very sweet and the least favourite dessert.


raw chocolate tartRaw Chocolate Tart- GF R VG – Served with vanilla coconut nice cream & chocolate crumble. This dessert was the favourite out of the 3. The chocolate was rich and the coconut nice cream with the hazelnuts in went very well.



sticky toffee puddingSticky toffee pudding. I think we all agreed that this was way too sweet.


So, next on our journey, we stopped by Cobble Lane Cured for a bit of a different experience – meat, meat and more meat!

Many thanks to Mat Atkinson for showing us the facilities and talking us through the process and products used in their meat.

Cobble Lane Cured make modern British charcuterie using the highest welfare British meats. Their products are all cut, cured, smoked and hung at their butchery in Islington. They believe that combing the best methods and recipes from Europe with Britain’s superior quality meats gives a totally better product: better for animal welfare, better for British farmers, and better for eating.



Cured meat

We sampled a selection of cured meats including bresola which has been cured with fresh herbs, balsamic vinegar and red wine which gives it a refreshing tang.


Coppa is cured marbled pork collar made with British port which as been matured for 2-3 months which develops a rich flavour.



Kabanos were popular with our chef Michal who is Polish. This is traditional pork snack made from pork shoulder, nutmeg, caraway and black pepper. It’s like the Peparami that went to finishing school.




One of the favourites and a big hit with David who has sampled this salami before is Nduja, which is pronounced “en-doo-ya”. This salami is soft in texture but not in flavour – packing a big chilli hit. It’s great for cooking, terrific on toast or marvelous whipped into mayonnaise. Matt was kind enough to warm some through for us which was served on fresh bread. Delicious!




We had a great day learning and are feeling inspired to create new dishes for our menus!



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