Mulled wine

The christmas carols are on and the man in the famous red suit will be coming down your chimney soon with his big black sack. Why not  leave him a glass of mulled wine this Christmas?

I suggest buying a £5-£7 bottle of red from the likes of Majestic. Contrary to popular belief, you need to use a middle of the road wine if its to be mulled, that doesn’t mean you need a £20 chateau neuf du pape but do not be tempted to buy cheap and nasty, after all,  it’s for your friends and the big man himself. The ladies in the Majestic outlets are very helpful and some of the wines are great.


1                Bottles red wine

1                Cinnamon stick

4                Star anise

4                Cloves

2                Orange, sliced

2                Lemon, sliced

100g         Brown sugar

Preparation method

Place all of the ingredients into a saucepan and leave for 1 hr to assist with the infusion of flavours. Then simmer gently for 6-8 minutes to dissolve the sugar, without boiling.

mulled wine

To serve, pop one star anise, and one slice of orange into your heat proof glass and top up with passed mulled wine!

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