Fenchurch bees & honey

Believe it or not we have 2 hives on the roof at our venue at Fenchurch Place and last week I was fortunate enough to get a visit. So after getting kitted out with my full bee keepers outfit, ensuring every zip and piece of skin was covered out we went onto the roof for a brief overview of the bees.

The bees started off well this year and built up in numbers at just the right time to benefit from a nectar flow in July, and they have been sealing their honey in August.  The varroa parasite levels have been very low which is good to see and they have settled in well and made good stores for themselves.  Both colonies have been trying to change queens recently so new mated ones are being established.

The bees are now winding down getting ready for winter, so bees are fed to replace the honey taken off to make sure they have plenty of stores to help them get through the winter.

Harvest – about 15 to 20lbs of honey came off last week and will be processed this week. We received our honey this week and our chef Marek has created some amazing afternoon tea treats using the honey. We have served it this afternoon with a twist on making your own crunchie. The clients are delighted especially with the story of the bees on the roof. Next goats on the terrace!




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