Mexican Tuna Burgers

2nd installment of the tuna recipes. With the 2 fillets I took for the burgers I poached them in a pan of water with seasoning, bay leaf and a couple of slices of lemon. The recipe I was using was to use tinned tuna but as I was trying to clear some space in the freezer my burgers are a more upmarket version.
I poached the tuna in boiling water for a minute and then removed it from the heat and allowed it to cool in the water. Once cool flake the fish up, you could use a food processor for this but as I don’t have one I find using my hands is the best method.
Combine the mix with 1 potato which has been boiled and mashed and 2 table spoons of tinned corn. A tea-spoon of smoked paprika, the same of Cajun spices and a chopped chilli. I also seasoned this mix with chopped coriander, chives, a squeeze of lemon, spring onion and seasoning.

To combine the mix add a little whisked egg until the mix becomes sticky.
Mould the mix into Pattie shapes and leave in the fridge to chill.


When you are ready to eat the burgers dip them into an egg mix and then dried breadcrumbs. again chill if you can for a few minutes while heating your frying pan. The burgers now only need frying for a couple of minutes each side until golden and heated right through.


You can either serve the burgers in a traditional bun or with some salad and a little spicy salsa made with tomatoes, cucumber, spring onion, tinned corn and a little sweet chilli sauce. Make this as spicy as you prefer I added a 1 whole fresh chilli to mine and a little coriander.



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