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We are always striving to keep up with the London trends and make sure our offerings in the venues reflect that. Today we visited a brand new opening on Eastcastle Street in town and the entire menu is vegetarian, but as they state on their web site this isn’t your average falafel, risotto fare this food is fresh, colourful with some unusual twists.

I think we all agreed that the Miso Aubergine, based on the Miso cod dish at Nobu and the Scotch egg were by far our favourites. This is a self-service buffet style which you pay by weight. There is an option of take away or you can sit in a banquet amongst the silver birch trees. Seriously there are trees in the restaurant.


ethos insideEthos tree


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The star of the show for us.

The star of the show for us.


ribsThese ribs are vegetarian and made from Seitan. A definition of this is:

Although it is made from wheat, seitan has little in common with flour or bread. Also called “wheat meat”, “wheat gluten” or simply “gluten”, seitan becomes surprisingly similar to the look and texture of meat when cooked, making it a popular meat substitute. Seitan is also high in protein, making it a popular protein source for vegetarians. Asian restaurants often use seitan as a vegetarian mock meat, and seitan is also the base for several commercially available products such as Tofurky deli slices.

It has a firmer texture to Tofu and with a little charring and BBQ sauce it wasn’t too bad although not a rib that we know it.


I would highly recommend this restaurant if you are in the area it’s certainly different and for 4 of us came to £59. Watch out for the Timeout piece which I’m sure will be out soon.













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