Sea bass with a salad of mouli, Chinese cabbage, spring onion, mint and sesame.

For 4 people.


4 sea bass fillets

half a stick of mouli

1 smallish Chinese cabbage

3 sping onions

1 small hand of mint

tea spoon of black sesame seads

3 table spoons of sesame oil

2 table spoon of light soy sauce

2 tea spoon of honey

For this simple but fresh dish prep your sea bass by trimming off the tail end and scoring the fillet 3 times.

In a bowl mix the soy honey and sesame oil together, once mixed splash 2 spoons over the fish and use this as a light marinade, rub this into the flesh of the fish then allow to sit in the fridge for 20 or so mins.

For this simple salad, simply slice the Chinese cabbage thinly, grate the mouli, slice the spring onion and ruff chop the mint and put all ingredients in a bowl then add the rest of the marinade to this mix and toss together in a bowl.

tray the fish skin side up, place in a pre heated oven of 170 degrees for 12 mins…

simply plate the fish, using your hands spoon or tongs put the salad on top of the fish and sprinkle the black sesame seads on top… enjoy

Retro Rhys


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