Shoreditch Food Tour

Working at etc venues 155 Bishopsgate and being right on the doorstep of shoreditch it’s absolutely criminal that none of us had taken time to visit it’s nooks and crannies. 

The last food tour some of our chefs took was in Soho and all of us guys missed out on that tour as business comes first. 

Today I thought it was quite important to bring the younger enthusiastic chefs to this event and see what they thought of the experience. Sometimes we tend to forget our younger team. They also need inspiring and driving forward but thanks to our MD Alistair Stewart and Lady B, they have come up with a little gem in these food tours with EP Magazine. 
Amy & Corinne from EP magazine were full of enthusiasm showing us around the hidden gems in shoreditch. 

Our first port of call was Tapas revolution where the general manager Martha explained to us how chef Omar Ollibhoy came to set foot in london with his social dining experience. A simple splash of iced sangria to start, nothing like you get on the White isle, I promise! Delicious indeed!  Dishes such as North of Spain carpaccio rib of beef which was cured for 45 days. Melt in the mouth! Something that perhaps could be turned into a canapé? Watch this space! 

 Crispy flat bread and roasted vegetables and strong goats cheese from the Basque Country.

Our next stop was Craft coffee
Jamie the co Owner originally started in Bermondsey market but progressed into the trendy shoreditch area.

  Although his most popular coffee tend to be from Central America the few that we tried were great. Out of the Ethiopean, Kenyan and Guatemalan my favourite was the Ethiopean. A smooth light flavour with a slight hint of cocoa nib. Very nice coffee. If your around shoreditch and you enjoy coffee, pop in and try something new! 

Our next spot was Box park. A dining experience which had been built out of shipping containers, venders such as falafalicious, Porkysbbq and the Dum dum donutary to name a few, you are not short of variety! Rolling down the steps to pizza east we were presented with a few seasonal pizzas. 

Pizzas inspired from Souther Italy with big crusts, a thin base rolled in semolina and seasonal ingredients.

Not bad, but not the best pizza I’ve had and to be honest, not really a new food trend. 

We were nearing the end of the tour but on our way to PUMP our guides took us past Andina restaurant opened by Peruvian pioneer of cooking Martin morales, it’s a shame this wasn’t on out tour but another excuse to visit another time as the place was rocking and has rave reviews.

Missing out dishoom was disappointing but hey ho.

Our last and final stop on our 3 hour journey around shoreditch was Pump, a cluster of pop up restaurants and bars based in a disused petrol station, from Argentinan, British and Indonesian cuisine there was so mush to choose from. This slot I will defo pop back to. With 35 applicants to every vendors space, this pop up restaurant scene is far from over!

I picked up a couple of nuggets for a huge event we have coming up in December so keep your eyes peeled! Wicked! 

All our junior chefs enjoyed themselves and it was great to have them come along and feel involed in continued food trends and development within etc venues! 


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