SushiSamba Restaurant Review

  Last Friday  we went with a couple of friends from Etc Venues Dexter House  to the SushiSamba restaurant. It was  a great  choice.

If you want to experience  great  food, SushiSamba restaurant is definitely the right choice. It delivers a unique blend of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian cuisine, culture, music and striking design to the City of London. The location features the highest outdoor dining terraces in Europe, offering unparalleled, 360 degree views of the City .Located on the 38th and 39th floors.


We were given menu’s and we ordered  lovely  cocktails.  



Than  we decide to  ordered our starters  for sharing. Before waiters brought our food Lukas asked for a presentation  on how to  use chopsticks?

Was Fun


SALT AND PEPPER SQUID dry miso, shichimi, sea salt, crispy garlic, smoked soy

(It was very tasty  I am  not a big  fun of squid  but this time I was very happy )


KUROMITSU GLAZED PORK BELLY palmito, orange, pickled onion

(very tasty  pork  belly  ,soft and tender, the best starter there)


SHRIMP TEMPURA snap pea julienne, spicy mayo, black truffle vinaigrette

(Shrimp was very crunchy, absolutely delicious)


WAGYU GYOZA kabocha purée, sesame and su-shoyu dipping sauce

(Nice !!!!!!!!)


PICANHA TATAKI foie gras, aji panca, fried quail egg

( Very nice presentation,  tasty as well)

For our mains we also had food for sharing .


 BLACK COD MISO  served with Peruvian corn

(Very interesting Dish )


FILLET STEAK teriyaki, grilled scallion with seven Japanese spices

( for me personally it wasn’t special,  just beef  )


 Time  for Samba Rolls


TIGER MAKI takuwan, wasabi tobiko, crab meat, tempura prawn, tiger prawn, wasabi mayo, beetroot yogurt, unagi tare -on the left side.

SÃO PAULO scallop, masago, red onion, tuna, salmon, shrimp, white fish, avocado, truffle, hatcho miso soy, chive oil- on the right side .

(very tasty and pretty ,looks like a dessert )


The finally it was time for desserts


WITH LOVE FROM RIO valhrhona macaé ‘pure brazil’ dark chocolate ganache, coffee mousse, tonka bean ice cream, caramelized macadamia

(absolute delicious we all loved this dish)


ORGANIC RED CHOCOLATE CHILI PEPPERS Peruvian chili mousse, red pepper tuile, raspberry-red pepper sorbet, chocolate crumble

( Very Nice desserts  not sweet but spicy ,I enjoyed it! )


ASSORTED MOCHI soft japanese rice cake filled with ice cream served with a warm white chocolate sauce

(I like the presentation )

I enjoyed the restaurant a lot. Everyone was happy with the meal and the atmosphere was great. I recommend Sushisamba to everyone – great food, location and service. 


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  1. LadyB
    October 27, 2015 at 3:46 pm #

    It’s not a cheap lunch out but it’s very different and of course the view is pretty cool.

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