3 simple Cep’s

Its been a while since i have posted on the blog and now is a very exciting time to kick start again.  The mushroom foraging season has kicked off this weekend. Yaldy!

Last weekend I paid a quick visit to a few favourite spots to check if we had any activity and speaking to good friend and mushroom Guru Master Martin levy I didn’t hold out much hope, he thought we were a few weeks away.

This weekend was time to head out for another nosey to see what we could uncover.

The first couple of sites threw up a few brown birch bolete, red stem bolete, a handful of chanterelles, a few amneathyst deceivers and and pied du Muton But our last stop on the way home threw a real curve ball uncovering 1.6kg of the finest Cep’s. Once my son spotted one, we got down on our knees and they were popping up everywhere!

Further down my post I have dropped in a simple recipe to accompany any dish, I hope you enjoy.

Please note, Mushroom foraging is fun but it can also be dangerous, many  mushrooms are poisonous and require help from an expert to distinguish which are edible and which are not so before and when you head out hunting, seek some professional advise before consuming wild Fungi!

Special thanks to Andrew Frazer from Fresh Direct Scotland for your assistance with distinguishing the more challenging fungi I couldn’t find in my book.

 A real belter of a find so thank you Mr Levy and of course my son Fabian for actually spotting the first of these beauties!

Here are a few pictures of our total haul.  

 We got so many mushrooms in the end we ended up drying some, we made some Czech soup, we had sauté mushrooms with eggs and proscuttio but the best were the sauté mushrooms with purple sage shallots and garlic all from the garden served on the side of a lovely scotch sirloin steak.
Here is a simple recipe for some of the finest organic produce you’ll ever find. Serve this with a great piece of meat or for a nice vegetarian meal, fold this through some pappardelle pasta and a few shaved truffles.

Saute Seasonal Mushrooms

Selection of Foraged Mushrooms, 1 shallot thinly sliced, 1 clove of garlic sliced, purple sage, rapeseed oil, knob of butter

Pop a frying pan onto a medium to high heat until the pan is dry and hot. Drizzle a little oil into the pan and gently place your mushrooms over the base, do not stir! Sprinkle over the slices shallot, garlic and sage. Leave for 2-3 minutes without stiring.

 Toss and repeat, lob in your knob of butter, toss and Serve with your favourite meat or on some rustic bruschetta!



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