Japanese Cotton Cheesecake with only 3 ingredients!



Recently while surfing the  internet we came across a Japanese Cotton cheesecake recipe video. With over 4 millions views on YouTube, 3  basic ingredients. We couldn’t resist but to give it a go. With the results being the talk of ETC venues Dexter House I thought would be a great recipe to share with you how we went about creating this delicious gluten free alternative.

Equipment Needed

15cm Round Cake Tin

Electric Mixer


3 x Eggs (Separate the egg yolks and whites into two different bowls)

120g x White Chocolate (Melted)

120g x Cream cheese



1. First of all preheat your oven to 170c . Separate the egg whites and egg yolks in to two different bowls like in the photo above.

2. Melt the chocolate in a mixing bowl over a pan of boiling water.

3. Once the chocolate has melted add in the cream cheese and mix.

4. Then adding the egg yolks and continue to mix

5. Whisk the egg whites until it forms firm peaks. To check if you have whipped the whites enough you should be able to turn the bowl upside down without the mix falling out.

6. Add 1/3 of the meringue (Egg whites) to the mix using a spatula and mix well.

7. Add another 1/2 of the meringue mix and continue to mix well

8. Last but not least fold the last 1/2 of meringue mix into the cake mix

9. Line your cake tin with Parchment paper and rub with oil/butter so cake can rise freely.

10. Place mix in the lined cake tin and drop from 5-10cm from table top onto the table to raise the bubbles to top of the mix.

11. Place the cake tin on a baking sheet. Pour sum hot water into the baking sheet and begin baking at 170c for 15min

12. After 15min DO NOT open the oven turn it down to 160c and continue to bake for 15min

13. Once your timer has gone off still DO NOT remove no matter how tempting. leave for 15min in the oven to bake on remaining heat in the oven.

14. Place on a wired rack to cool and enjoy!

To check out the original video follow the link below –

Also for more recipes and to keep up to date with ochikeron the original founder of this 3 ingredient cake follow on twitter –


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