BBQ Wild Sea Trout

The wild sea trout season runs from May right through to October with the latter end producing fish in double figures. Every October I head back to Ireland in the ‘hope’ of catching a few fish but 60% of the time catch nothing, this ain’t carp fishing in a pond, these are wild running fish which have travelled from feeding grounds in the Faroe Islands and Greenland and are hard to track in 10-50 miles of fast running spate river. I prefer landing a hefty sea trout to a salmon as the fight is much more intense, a real battle. When they initially hit your fly or bait, it’s like a full on assault.

Rivers such as the white water in Kilkeel, the river Bann in Banbridge and my personal favourite,  the Moneycarragh in Dundrum produce some cracking fish all year round.

Here is a couple I caught last year.

3lb 4oz seatrout


Can you tell the difference in these two fish? The Salmon on the left and Sea Trout on the right.

Fishing in Ireland 2014 016

The sun is out and Redhill market on a Saturday is buzzing and has some great produce, Welsh meat, vegetables from all over the UK and fish from a guy who has a shop in Littlehampton.  Here I pick up a lovely Wild Sea Trout, legally tagged for a mere £7.00 per kilo!  I pick the nicest fish and off home I trot to clean, fillet it and portion ready for my BBQ parcels.

BBQ Sea Wild Sea Trout

4 x Square pieces of Tinfoil approx 20cm x 20cm, 4 portions of sea trout , 1 onion thinly sliced, 4 slices of fresh garlic, 4 small bay leaves, a glue of olive oil, Lemon, salt and pepper.

Place a few slivers of sliced onion, garlic, 1 slice of lemon and bay leaf in the centre of the foil, set your trout on top and slap a glug of olive oil on top.


Bring the two ends of tinfoil up to meet each other in the middle. Fold over and squeeze, repeat this until the foil rolls down and is tight around the fish, now do the same with the two ends.


This simply creates an air tight parcel which helps the fish cook and you keep all the wonderful flavours inside.

They should take 10-15 minutes on the BBQ over a medium heat!

Serve with a few charred lemons, some grilled homegrown garlic and courgettes and some BBQ’d roast potatoes!



Nom Nom


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