July Crop Report







Top of the Crops…………UK Crops

New Season Somerset Green Gooseberries – Simply stunning.

New Season English Cherries

New Season English Broccoli  & Lincolnshire Cauliflower, are now in stock.

English ‘Speciality’ Tomatoes from Evesham – available with 48hrs notice.

New Season Norfolk Mids & Tiny Tots are a ‘Peer’ Variety.

Baby Kale from Evesham  now in stock. Baby Kale is not only a great salad leaf but a ‘superfood’ too? Packed with Vitamins A,C & K, Calcium & Iron.

Lancashire Little Gem & Iceberg Lettuce both are fantastic quality. We will be using these until late September.

New Season Lancashire Celery now in.

Cheshire Outdoor Grown Rhubarb in stock. The stalks are a deep, rich red with a slightly ‘tart’ taste.

Cheshire Cos,Flat Lettuce, Lollo Rosso, Lollo Biondi & Oak Leaf are now in full flow

& simply stunning.

Baby Leaves’ from Leamington Spa are now available: Rocket, Mizuna, Bulls Blood, Red Chard & Baby Mixed Leaf.

New Season English Heritage Potatoes – are now in stock. The selection

includes: Salad Blue (Left), Vitelotte( purple),Shetland Black,Highland Burgundy & Yukon Gold.



From across the Water

New Season Egyptian Green & Red Grapes  are now in stock & stunning quality. The green are more competitive than the red at the moment

Spanish Donut Peaches – available with 48hrs notice.

Eastern European Girolle Mushrooms have dropped in price & are available with 48hrs notice.

Dutch Red Gooseberries please give 48hrs notice if required. NB: They are expensive & availability is limited.

***For all above products, please phone the Office for more details.


**** Potatoes ****All potatoes are now coming from store. Quality will deteriorate slightly & prices will rise temporarily.

Both quality & prices will return to normal when the new season starts towards the end of July.

Product Origin Comments
Cabbage – Red Lancashire Great quality, but prices are up a little as we reach the end of the old season stocks.
Cabbage – Savoy Spain /Portugal / UK Prices are now high as all Savoys are imported. We will be moving across to English soon.
Cabbage – Spring Lancashire Excellent quality & price.
Cabbage – White Lancashire Both quality & price are good.
Carrots – Chantenay (orange) Israel We are now sourcing New Season Israeli Chantenay. Quality has deteriorated as is normal for Israeli & prices have risen too.Things will improve when the English starts at the end of June.
Carrots – Chantenay White& Purple X Now finished until September. X
Carrots Spain & France UK Crops have now finished & we are sourcing from both Spain & France which has seen an increase in price. English New Season will start in Late June & prices should then start to fall.
Carrots – Coloured France Purple & Yellow Carrots are being sourced from France & are quite expensive. White Carrots have now finished.*UK Coloured Carrot Season will start again in mid July & prices will fall.
Cauliflower Lincolnshire We are now sourcing English New Season Cauliflowers, quality is good & prices are good value These are packed in 6’s & are huge.Yields are great on these beauties.
Cauliflower – Romanesco France ** Due to start anytime *** Prices will start expensive but drop as the season progresses.
Cauliflower – Coloured France ** Due to start anytime *** Prices will start expensive but drop as the season progresses.
Celeriac England Dutch Celeriac quality remains poor & we will continue to use New Season English Celeriac. These are excellent quality, but slightly more expensive than the Dutch.
Celery Lancashire New Season Lancashire Celery is now in stock & the pack size has changed from 14’s to 12’s.As always the English Celery is more competitively priced than the Spanish. Quality as always is excellent.
Cherries Spain (UK) Spanish Cherries are simply stunning & reasonably priced too.***New Season English Cherries are limited & expensive at the moment but available with 48hrs notice.
Citrus – Easy Peelers South Africa & Peru We are now sourcing both Peruvian & South African fruit.Both are eating well & prices have started to rise as the volume of small fruit is low.
Citrus – Pink & White Grapefruit South Africa We are now working New Season South African.Prices have dropped & should level out in the next few weeks.
Citrus – Lemons Spain Quality remains excellent, though prices are higher than average for the time of the year due to limited supply. Prices should be stable until the end of June when the Southern Hemisphere starts, then prices will increase.
Citrus – Limes Brazil & Mexico Prices have now come down to a more reasonable level & excellent quality.As the market is now full of both Mexican & Brazilian Limes.
Citrus – Oranges Egypt Quality remains excellent. Increased volumes on small & medium oranges have helped lower prices.** Egyptian Large Oranges have failed causing an increase in price on Large Oranges

We will be switching to South African in the approx next 4 weeks & prices are then set to increase.




Product Origin Comments  
Courgette – Yellow Holland Quality is good, but prices are volatile as usual.
Courgette – Green Spain & France The Spanish season is drawing to a close & we are sourcing New Season French, which are excellent quality & a good price too.New Season English is still only a few weeks away.
Cucumber Holland Dutch crops are bountiful & quality as always with Dutch produce is excellent.
Fennel Italy Quality is excellent & prices are stable. English Fennel is due to start Late June & will be the leafy variety.
Figs Spain We are now sourcing New Season Spanish ‘Black’ Figs (tree ripened). These are excellent eating & prices are should remain stable for the next few weeks.
Grapes – Red & Green Egypt We are sourcing fantastic quality Egyptian Green Grapes, prices have now dropped slightly as supplies are more readily available. New Season Egyptian Red Grapes are great quality. Prices are higher than average but should drop as supplies increase.
Jerusalem Artichokes France Excellent quality & keenly priced.The English & French Seasons are drawing to a close there maybe a gap in supply from July to September.
Kale – Red , Green (Curly) Cavolo Nero Lancashire *Lancashire Cavolo Nero is now in stock & quality is fantastic.Kale: Red is excellent quality & value. Kale: Green is immature (paler leaf) this should improve by early July.
Leeks Spain & France The UK Season has now finished & we are now sourcing predominately from France & Spain.Prices have increased, but quality is good. * English due to start early July.
Lettuce – Endive (Frisee) Spain Quality is excellent. The warmer Spanish weather will bring about a slight price reduction as more crops become available.
Lettuce – Iceberg, Little Gem & Cos Lancashire & Cheshire We are now sourcing Little Gem, Cos & Iceberg from Lancashire & Cheshire. Quality is excellent & prices are looking good.
Lettuce –  Flat Cheshire Great quality & prices remain steady.
Lettuce – Lollo Biondi , Lollo Rosso& Oak Leaf Cheshire Our Cheshire fancy lettuces are outdoor grown. Quality is excellent & prices remain stable.
Mange Tout Kenya Prices have now returned to normal levels & both quality & availability is excellent.
Melons – Watermelon , & Honeydew Spain The Murcia region is now producing good volumes which has brought ALL the melon prices down to more sensible levels.
Melons – Galia & Cantaloupe Spain ***Best Value Melons – There is good availability of both Galia & Cantaloupe Melons & prices remain low for this time of the year.
Onions – Brown UK Quality is fabulous, though prices are rising as we are now fully onto cold stored onions.**Please beware that the size grading is slightly smaller on the UK onions.
Onions – Red Egypt Quality is fabulous, though prices are rising a little as we are now using cold stored onions.
Onions – Spring Mexico Prices are good & quality is excellent on the Mexican spring onions.The unpredictable English weather has affected the quality of the English Spring Onions, so we will continue to use Mexican for now.
Pak Choi & Bok Choi Lancashire We are now sourcing both of these from Lancashire . Quality is stunning & they are both keenly priced.
Parsnips Lancashire These are good quality & prices are steady.* Please note that Piccolo Parsnips have now finished until early September.



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