Zuma Knightsbridge

Have a treat this #nationalsushiday and book a meal at Zuma. the sushi not only tastes fresh and delicious the presentation is outstanding!



Zuma in London’s Knightsbridge offers a sophisticated twist on traditional Japanese izakaya style of informal eating and drinking ethos.”

The definition of “izakaya” is a common kind of Japanese bar, also found in cosmopolitan cities throughout the world, popular in Japan for after-work drinking. The definitive feature of an izakaya is that it serves food as well as drink. When you first sit down, you will be given an oshibori (wet towel) to clean your hands with, next an appetizer will be served. The portions are generally more substantial than Spanish tapas, but are less than a full meal.
I was fortunate to eat in Zuma this weekend and what a treat. The description above is exactly what you get at Zuma, a hot towel to refresh and then a steady flow of larger than tapa’s style food served over the course of the evening and accompanied by Sake or two.
The menu for Sake is as long and as detailed as the wine menu and both the sake and the wine sommeliers were more than informed and helpful.
Then there is the food! The dishes we were served were not only visually creative but delicious.
This is a difficult restaurant to secure a booking but if you can, go you won’t regret it.


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