Allotment update

We have had Some great weather over the last couple of weeks here in surrey but the flip Side to this is the weeds have gone crazy. After a couple of hours of getting jolted by baby singing nettles everything looking much tidier. 

The baby leeks I planted in late winter are coming on strong.

 The artichoke plants I moved from my old allotment have picked Up some nutrients and are looking healthy.  

The elephant garlic, Czech red and Provence white which I planted back in November time is looking in fantastic condition.   


These are the black jewel raspberries I got bought last year.  These guys needed tying up as they are so long. My red and yellow Dutch raspberries have really gone mad this year hopefully meaning loads of raspberries. 

I know onions are generally cheap, I planted about 30 in December so ther they should be ready in summer. 

This is the second year of my asparagus trial, last year I let them fern up and now they are starting to gain some girth this year.

 Finally we have a few strawberries and the blueberry bushes which have really blossomed, should be a bumper harvest this season.



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