Thai New Year!

Tiger prawn & Pollock Thai green curry with steamed rice


1 x side of Pollock (diced, skinned and pin-boned) In weight it’s about 900g – 1kg

400g tiger prawns (raw)

3 x green chilli’s (add more chilli’s if you like it really hot)

2 x sticks of lemon grass

2 x thumb size pieces of ginger (peeled)

1 x bulb of garlic

1 x bunch of coriander (chopped)

5 x onions (peeled & chopped)

4 x peppers (Diced but any colour)

2 x tins of coconut milk

2 x limes (juice of)


1tsp x cornflour




In a food processor add the garlic (that’s been peeled), ginger, coriander stalks, lemongrass, chilli’s and 2 of the onions and blitz in to a puree.

Dice the rest of your onions and in a large pot/saucepan with a little oil fry of your onion until golden brown.

Add the puree and cook for two minutes. (Don’t breath in too much fumes as it will take your breath away).

Now either add fish stock or water. About a 1 litre and cook until the sauce has reduced by half. Add the coconut milk and peppers then stir.

Mix the cornflour to a little cold water, mix and then add to the lightly boiling curry.

Don’t boil to much as the coconut milk will split.

As you are cooking your rice add the diced Pollock and 3 minutes later add the prawns and 2/3rds of the chopped coriander.

Adjust the flavour with a little salt and pepper to taste and the juice of up too 2 limes.

Serve and eat with your fluffy rice.



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