Something Sweet, Honey comb Chocolate Truffles.

This is definitely a recipe for the people out there who love something a little bit sweet, try making something amazing for the next time you have guests over and add some fun to the dinner table, after dinner rather than just putting out some after 8s.

Now here comes the fun part….. the Honey Comb…


200g castor sugar

200ml glucose syrup.. you will need to look for this.. not available in the corner shop try the pastry section in a good super market.. or buy some off tinternet..

60 ml golden syrup

20g bicarbonate soda..

get a sheet of grease proof paper and lightly wipe it with veg oil so nothing would ever stick to it… and put on a baking tray.. making sure that the paper goes up the sides and it looks like a paper bowl.

Now the fun starts, get a large non stick pan  and add sugar the glucose and the golden syrup and put on to a fairly high heat not to high as you don’t want to burn the sugars,

allow this to melt and bubble DO NOT STIR… YET..

in  motions every now then shake the sugars around the pan to get an even cook..

allow the bubbles to bubble on top of each other (THIS IS VERY HOT DO NOT TOUCH IT WITH YOUR FINGERS)

Now you are looking for a golden caramel color, not blond, when you reach this point get a spatula ready, sprinkle the bicarb around( ALL OVER THE SUGAR) and then start to fold all together FOLD FOLD  (BE QUICK) as soon as the white bicarb is gone pour onto your baking parchment. then allow to cool, this will rise in size DO NOT TOUCH just allow to cool…



300 g dark chocolate

300ml double cream

40g unsalted butter .

Heat the cream and the butter together , bring to a boil then remove and pour over the chocolate, wait 1 min then stir together until chocolate is melted .

allow to SET in the fridge then  take out and move it with a spatula until you have an even consistency..

Then in a separate bowl break up 1/4 of the honey comb in a bowl so its little pieces..

roll the truffle mix into small balls then roll into the honeycomb to coat them , DO NO REFRIDGERATE, this mix should make 20 odd balls..


Now you may have noticed that you have a bit of honeycomb left, this will last for 4 days in an air tight container, but if it was me once the guests leave sit down in front of the telly with your honeycomb and tuck into it..

Honey truffles truffles




Next week ill show you how to make Toffee popcorn so when you have a movie night you can really impress

as always enjoy



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