National Yorkshire pudding day

National Yorkshire pudding day is Sunday 1st February, this recipe should be made at least 8 hrs in advance so let’s get you started for your mise en place for Sunday lunch.

4 eggs medium size
4oz Plain flour
1/2 Pint of full fat milk
Salt and pepper
Beef dripping

Tip your flour into a bowl, add your eggs, whisk by hand, not by machine otherwise it toughens the flour. Add your salt, whisk in your milk and mix by hand, do not over mix. It’s ok if there are a few lumps, that’s they way it’s meant to be.

Place in the fridge and leave it overnight or for a minimum of 8 hrs, leave it! Do not stir.

If you are using a tin with 12 holes use the outside moulds as the the heat doesn’t circulate well for the holes in the centre. If using a six hole silicone, set this on a tray and it will be fine. If you have moulds like mine, there is no issue.

Place a little bit of beef dripping in the bottom of your moulds, pop them in an over at 200oc for 10 minutes. Remove, gently stir your batter with a ladle and pour into the moulds 3/4 full.

Serve with ladyb,s roast rib of beef.

Pop back in the oven for 10 minutes, open the oven door and look for 2 seconds, close for a further 20 minutes.


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