Rocky Road

Ever eaten something and wondered if it would be hard or even to time consuming to replicate?

Here’s one for rocky road, everyone loves it, who doesn’t love chocolate and marshmallows? It’s also one that people perceive as difficult to make, but I guarantee it’s not and it won’t take you all day either….

100G Milk chocolate
100G Dark chocolate
2-3 tbsp Golden syrup
135G Butter
100G Marshmallows
200G Digestive biscuits

Melt the chocolate, butter & golden syrup together until there are no lumps left.

Place crushed biscuits & marshmallows into mixing bowl.

Once the other ingredients have melted leave to cool down for a while as if you add
them when they are hot it will melt the marshmallows. Add to the dry mix and mix until everything is covered.

Line a tray with cling film, fill cover and refrigerate for an hour. Turn out on to a chopping board, cut into what ever shape takes your fancy and dust with icing sugar.

It’s a rocky road this life, but luckily we have chocolate!!


Chef Shane

If you fancy something extra try adding the zest of two medium oranges at the melting stage!!


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