Lamb Biryani

Serves 4-5



Lamb dice from shoulders (2cm cube)

2 onions  ,peeled and  chopped

5 Garlic cloves, peeled , 1 tsp. fresh grated ginger ,1 fresh chilli  finally chop

50 almonds

Vegetables  oil

Sea salt and black pepper

300 ml water

1tsp ground cumin

1tspground coriander

1tsp ground cardamom



1 cinnamon stick

1 tsp. turmeric

3 star anise stick

400 g long grain rice

2 tbsp. butter

475 ml water





1.Heat 4 tbsp.  oil in a wide pan or wok and fry onions  than add  lamb to make nice light  brown colour

add all spicy (cumin, cardamom garlic ,ginger chilli ) than fry 3-4 minutes , season with salt and black pepper and pour in the water .

2.Partially cover the pan with the lid and simmer, starring ,occasionally ,for an hour.

3.To prepare  the rice  ,wash  it in several changes of cold water, then drain well. Heat the butter in a large saucepan  and add the turmeric , star anise and cinnamon. When they begin to sizzle and smell ,tip the drained rice into the pan and  stir well to  cover  the grains in the butter.

Cover  with the water bring to the boil and allow to cook for 10 min

4.When lamb is soft and tender   transferring into to cook rice and mix all together .

5.Sesononing with salt  and black pepper ,served with fresh chopped coriander  and  one spoon  tick Greek Yogurt

Enjoy Topchef Marek





Marek Dabrowski
Head Chef

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