Dark chocolate mousse with pistachio’s



300g x 70% dark chocolate

450ml x Double cream

4 x eggs (separated)


50g x Crushed pistachio’s




Smash the chocolate and put in to a bowl over a simmering pan of hot water (make sure the bowl is not touching the water)

While waiting for the chocolate to melt, separate the eggs and put in to bowls. Please make sure there is no yolk in the whites as the white won’t whisk properly.

Put the cream in to another bowl and semi whip.

Also whisk the whites until they are stiff and can do the bowl test (where you can hold the whites over your head without falling on you)!

When the chocolate is melted add the yolks and mix well. Don’t worry about the chocolate as the protein in the egg yolks will make the chocolate go very thick.

Add the semi whipped cream and mix well.

Take some of the whipped whites and mix in to the chocolate. You can be quite rough as all you want to do is get the chocolate ready to incorporate the rest of the whites.

With the rest of the whites add a bit a time and fold in. Be gentle as you don’t want to knock the air out of the whites and you will end up with a dense chocolate mass.

Put in to a piping bag or spoon in to glasses.

Decorate with the crushed pistachio’s.


Should make between 6 – 8 large glasses.


If you wanted to do a white version (would be very sweet) double the amount of chocolate as white chocolate has a lot less choco solids.




photo JPGchoc mousse

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