Apple and plum compote

6 granny smith apples

6 red plums

sugar and cinnamon  for taste

wash apples and plums

cut the apples into 1/4 and de seed and core, and dice

cut plums in 1/2 and take out the stone, dice

place a saucepan on the stove and pre heat, add the diced apple little butter, sugar and cinnamon to taste

you will only need a little cinnamon, less than a pinch should  do

cook untill soft but still has a little texture, not puree

take out of pan, add the plums to the hot pan, with little butter and again cook until soft but a bit of a bite, take of heat and add to apples, give it a nice mix, taste and serve


when i made it, i used the apples and plums from my garden and served it with homemade yoghurt and granola

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