Pollen Street Social

The Golden Girls hit the West End last night and had the pleasure of dining at the Pollen Street Social. I will apologise now for the lack of photographs but there are times in your life when you must leave your i phone in your bag and just enjoy! This is exactly what we did last night.

What I will say though that this as with the City Social (which we had the pleasure of eating in earlier this year) is a real treat. Not only is the menu interesting and the food amazing but it’s the extras that the attentive waiters bring. From Goats cheese Churro’s (who would have thought) to mini ice creams and that was just the “snacks” the food here is thoughtful and delicious.

The real treat of the evening though which nearly left one of our party speechless and without appetite was that Jason was actually in the kitchen. It’s a rare occasion you eat in a celebrity chef’s restaurant and they are actually in their whites in the kitchen.

So the only photo of the evening is Jason with his biggest fan!


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