Crop Report Oct14


Weather remains mild and warm at night this has prolonged the British growing season.

Excellent Red Kale now available! Fresh Sprouts have arrived and looking good, if you like that sort of thing.

New Season Jackets and Maris Peer Mids are still excellent! There are also Squashes available including Harlequin, Blue Ballet, Spaghetti, Kabucha and Striped Princess. Also English Pumpkins now available.

All main Brassicas remain good including Hispi, Green, Sweetheart, Kale and Savoy. English Courgettes still around in places. English Marrows available. Cauliflowers and Broccoli are excellent!

English Rainbow Chard is available! English Peas are coming to an end! Broad Beans and Runners as mentioned have now passed their best! English Sweet Corn is good but will finish shortly!

English Salads including Iceberg, Cos and Gem remain good, Spring Onions, Rocket, Baby Spinach and Red Chard still excellent. English Watercress lovely. English Lolla Rossa, Biando and Oak all still available due to the warm weather.

Nutbournes English Heritage Tomatoes continue and have at least till end of October we hope!

English Rhubarb has finished. Good Candied and Golden Beetroot! New Season English Parsnips are excellent. Swede, Turnips and Potatoes including Pink Fir, Highland Burgundy, Salad Blue and more to match. If you are looking for a different potato please contact me.

English Apples are now available!

This Month it is Spartans, Russet and Cox and Galas.

Excellent British Raspberries, Blueberries and Strawberries. English Strawberries are coming to an end and we will be moving between Dutch and Belgium.




Still excellent bunch Artichokes, Okra, Grelot onions, Rainbow Car-rots! We have excellent range of Micros available please inquire within. These include Sea Aster, Sea Rosemary, Sea Fennel. Also available are Koppert Cress Mixed Boxes, which include Dulce mix, Dutch Star, Sea Cress, Shisho Mix and Whatznew. Please email me if you want any more info on the boxes and what they contain!

The Dutch Season is drawing to an end and we are entering the Spanish Season. This will include your main usage items, Peppers, Aubergines, cucumbers. We are working both Spanish and Dutch currently. Peaches quality at the moment is not very good and we are only now selling Nectarines as the quality is much better! Apricots have finished and we have switched to Italian Plums. There are no Cherries.

Excellent Sweet Potato and Butternut Squash from Spain! Also great Asparagus from the Mexico.

All Beans are coming from Kenya, Fine Beans, Sugar Snap and Mange Tout.

New season French Apples now in Stock!

Oranges from Brazil! Italian Black and Spanish White Grape! Peruvian Satsumas. Spanish Galia, Canteloupes, Watermelon and Honeydew!

Dutch Redcurrants.

Mango’s and Paw Paw are from Brazil, very good Indian Pomegranates. Greek Figs.





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