Minute Steak with Celeriac Purée Sept 2014

Minute Steak with Celeriac Puree

Minute Steak with Celeriac Puree

Another quick dish for you, you can prep this the day before & you don’t have to stick with minute steaks. To be slightly controversial, I think this dish works better with veal.

As celeriac tend to be quite large, I suggest you have something in mind for rest, maybe a celeriac & apple soup!

This recipe is for one person, so multiply as necessary.

For the purée
A two inch cube of celeriac
A table spoon of double cream
Two table spoons of milk
Half a tea spoon of chopped curly parsley
Ground white pepper & salt for seasoning.

Celeriac is a bit of sponge so try to steam rather than boil, this is to help reduce the amount if moisture it takes in.

Whilst warm put the celeriac into a blender & hit frappe. Slowly add the cream then the milk. You want to get the purée to dropping consistency (so it slowly falls off a spoon) You may need to adjust this depending on how much moisture the celeriac took in.

Cook your steak how you like it. Spoon the purée on top. Garnish with your parsley.

Serve with sauté potatoes and beer!


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