The Art of Dining

What an experience The Art of Dining is. Each drink, table-cloth, wall colour and lights changed with each of the 5 courses.

Upon arrival we were served a cocktail in a jam jar of Millers Gin & Absinthe with cloudy apple juice, cucumber & lime.


We then had to decide which cocktail to have next which wasn’t easy given the menu.



I went in for the Yellow cocktail which was a mix of vodka, mint tea, Mango & bitters all served in a bottle.



The drinks were great and the setting in Blandford Street was just what you would expect. Discreet, downstairs, and intimate all essentials for a pop up restaurant.

So to the food we started with “Green” which was Quail wrapped in vine leaf with wilted herb salad and freekeh. The table-cloth was green on the table was fresh mint. This was a great start to the meal.


So after tearing off the table-cloth to reveal what the next colour course would be……


we moved onto the “White” course of White bean & roasted garlic soup with lardo & almonds.IMG_0376.JPG

Once again a change of table-cloth and lights this time to “Yellow”. It was only at this point in the evening we realised that the music was also changing with each course and this one started with Mellow Yellow. We all agreed that the Tumeric marinated Bass with Cumin, chickpeas & saffron Yoghurt was by far the best dish and inspired the Chefs so much that you may well see it on one of our venue’s menu’s very soon.


Now really getting into the swing of things Paul & Rhys successfully guessed the next song, table paper removed and the lights turned off for the “Black” course of soy aubergines with fermented garlic & black sesame. This dish almost shouldn’t have worked because at first bite the soy was almost overwhelming and the Chefs became a little critical, but a highly trained Chef from Moro who was producing the dishes wasn’t going to let us down on our final savoury dish and when the garlic and black sesame started to come through the flavour we all changed our minds. So much so that Retro Rhys who previously wasn’t keen on aubergines has had a complete change of heart.

Not the easiest picture to take in the dark!

Not the easiest picture to take in the dark!

And so to desert and the final dish which was themed “Orange”. Fortunately we had all really enjoyed the whole evening of quirkiness, great food and cocktails as Orange polenta cake with apricot flowers was not a show stopper for any of us.

No show stopper I'm afraid.

No show stopper I’m afraid.

This was a great evening and all of us would highly recommend you try to get tickets when it comes up again. I say try as they only ever cater a few days and this being London only the cool kids get the tickets quickly.

The Cool Kids

The Cool Kids



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