The Clove Club

The Clove Club is a bar and restaurant in Shoreditch town hall in East London. Built in 1865, the Town Hall was for over 100 years one of the grandest vestry halls in the city. Having ceased to be a home for local government during the 1960s it is now a popular arts and events space, run by Shoreditch Town Hall Trust. The Clove Club is composed of two rooms – in the restaurant, we serve an ambitious five course menu, featuring interesting and often overlooked British ingredients and produce. The bar is more lively, with the option to pop in for a drink, or stay for a full meal of dishes that are simpler than in the restaurant but of the same ethos.    

Keeping up with current food trends is virtually impossible during our peak season, so now that there is a little time to breath before the onslaught, i need to get out and about to see what our neighbours are doing in the surrounding areas to etc venues 155 Bishopsgate.

A good friend of mine Ed Vokes suggested we try The Clove Club which is based at Shoreditch town hall. literally  a stones throw from our venue. With a real rustic feel on arrival and the smell of cured meats in the air i wasnt sure what to expect.

There was a range of menus to suit all budgets but £35 for a 3 course lunch and snacks like you’ve never seen before to start was something not to be sniffed at. There was also a wine pairing for each dish for an extra £20pp. Yes, you guessed it, we will have that too!

This little spot is was of the best places i have eaten in a long time. A relaxed atmosphere, fine wine, clever seasonal food superbly executed, excellent service and to see the chefs bringing your food out was something I have never experienced! Thumbs up.

I will definitely be back to this place for the 9 course tasting menu next time, for me, a 10 out of 10 for food, service and price! Well done to all at Clove.



Ewes milk tartlet


Buttermilk fried chicken & Pine salt, This was a real belter!


Wood pigeon sausage,  Green gage jelly


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One of the ‘water cooler’ moments we were left with prior to departure was a taste sensation, i little warm Madeline like petit four. Made with the barley used to make whisky in Scotland, it had a real light, bouncy texture with a subtle but sublime whisky/smokey taste. Washed down with the perfect Espresso,The perfect finish.




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  1. Jenny Walklate
    August 18, 2014 at 5:29 pm #

    Totally echo Alan’s comments! We had a fabulous lunch at Clove Club and I haven’t stopped raving about it and recommending it since! Also, loved the venue itself!

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