The Albion

Looking for some inspiration and ideas to upgrade our current breakfast offering we popped along to the Albion bakery and food store in Shoreditch.

A rustic cafe/restaurant with a buzzing atmosphere and a deli at the back full of delights.

After a nosey around the deli we take our seats to have a look at the breakfast menu. An extensive list of health kick dishes but I couldn’t resist the Albion breakfast. For £11 this was “just ok” and for the time it took to get to the table you would expect the sausages to be cooked on the griddle and not the fryer. Never the less, I whoofed it down with a elderflower and lime cooler which was very nice.

Not the best breakfast spot in london but a good 7 out of 10 for the food, overall feel and price. 20140721-065841-25121867.jpg





Big Al

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