Crop Report Jun14


We are in a period of excellent produce! No major changes again this week! Waiting for English Runners which will hopefully be not far away! English Marrows are looking good!
We have seen the arrival of New Season Cornish Mids which are looking great, their flavour is amazing but need to be eaten right away!
Gooseberries have suddenly flooded the market including Red ones!
English Broccoli is in full swing! Along with English Peas and Broad Beans. These are really sweet and have a beautiful flavour.
English Salads are in full production, including Iceberg, Cos, Gem, Lolla Rossa, Lolla Biando and Oakleaf. English Spring Onions have started.
English Asparagus has finished! Jerseys are also readily available and fantastic!
Nutbournes English Heritage Tomatoes are really amazing this year and becoming very popular!
English Strawberries are stunning at the moment! English Raspberries are getting better and better.
Chalk Valley English Watercress now in stock!
There is outdoor English Rhubarb. Primo Cabbage and Hispi, along with excellent Spring Green. English Cauliflowers remain good.
Good Candied and Golden Beetroot out there! English Parsnips, Swede, Turnips and Potatoes including Pink Fir!

Rest of the world

Berlotti Beans have been spotted along with

Red Spring Onions, Bunch Grelot Onions, Fresh Nettles! White Asparagus is in season on the continent. Rainbow Chard, Yellow and Green Round Courgettes. We have seen Black Radish and Cheltenham Beetroot, which is the elongated variety. Fantastic Italian Flowering Courgettes, and Flat Beans. There is Wet Garlic from Egypt and Fresh Almonds! These are specialised and we will possibly need notice! (please be aware that these items are priced on the night so our sales staff may not have prices, we can always get you a quote!)

The Dutch Season is upon us, your Peppers, Cucumbers and Aubergines will all be from Holland. English Cucumbers will follow soon! Spain is still producing Broccoli, Courgettes. French Leeks

Mushroom Update— Girolles, Mousseron, Morels and Pied Blue available. Fresh Italian Truffles (we need 24hrs notice please).

There is

NO fresh Chanterelles or Pied De Mouton till later in the season. Cepes are becoming more available.

Excellent Sweet Potato and Butternut Squash from Honduras! Also great Asparagus from the USA. Mexican Spring Onions.

All Beans are coming from Kenya, Fine Beans, Sugar Snap and Mange Tout.


Flat Peaches, Peaches, Nectarines and Apricots all now readily available and getting better all the time!

Spanish Plums are now in and better than a couple of weeks ago!

Oranges from Morocco! Chilean Black Grape and Egyptian White!

Spanish Galia, Canteloupes, Watermelon and Honeydew. All Apples are now coming from South America!

Blueberries from Spain, Chilean Blackberries and Dutch Redcurrants.

Mango’s and Paw Paw are from Brazil, very good Indian Pomegranates. Brazilian Figs.



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