Spring has truly sprung!

Things are coming on nicely in the garden this year, with the bursts of heat and spurts of rain, everything is going to plan. My yellow and red raspberries I picked up while in holland have taken root and are producing some lovely fruit. These I didn’t get a sniff off, I put them into a bowl to wash, turned my back and my son had them all eaten 🙁 if you want a great recipe to try out your delicious fruit why not try out this pavlova? 20140615-205117-75077008.jpg20140615-205119-75079256.jpg

This is the first year my tayberry plant has been in the soil, the leaves have got a hint of brown as the roots were very wet but, it will be fine, I expect better and bigger fruit not just next year but later this summer.

With the bursts of warm weather and heavy showers, the tomatoes are coming on great, just the smell of these plants gets me excited about ‘real’ tomatoes.

Utilising all the space in my garden, my The late season Maris piper potatoes are planted around my pear tree, they have really shot up in the last 2 weeks, and look in great condition. When planting potatoes I dig a trench 12″ deep, place each potato in the trench 30cm apart and cover with soil. When the plants come through, heap up the soil around and over the plants to create drills, don’t worry about covering the plants, they will push through. Remove the flowers with your finger tips when they show And that’s it, wait for autumn if they are late season potatoes or pick them early for smaller salad potatoes!


The carrots, spring onions and leeks are well on their way. I love picking these early and adding them into salads. Why not pop to the Fresh Direct channel to see what they do with baby veg?

Finally my babies, this is the 3rd year I’ve had these blueberry plants, best grown in pots with ericaceous compost and pine bark. Feed them once a month with yellow sulphur until fruit show. Since this is the 3rd year I’ve had them, I have repotted with new compost to give them a boost!


Have any of you got something planted? herbs, potatoes or delicious strawberries, let me know how your getting along, this is why it’s worth all the effort!


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