National Gardening week at RHS Wisley, Maximum flavour, minimum labour!

Spring is in full swing and one of my favourite haunts is The Royal Horticultural Society in Wisley.

A couiple of weeks ago was the National Gardening Week (14 – 20 April).

Whether you’re an experienced gardener or just starting out, you can get advice and ideas for your garden. Among the many highlights were talks from Joe Swift and James Wong. Information on herb growing advice, displays by the National Veg Society and much more!

I picked up so many ideas for the coming months in the garden but this one is a belter!!! Now listen up.

Are you sick of blight on tomatoes?flavourless strawberries? or even potatoes dashed with blight? try this…Dissolve 1/2 a pure asprin, not something with a little asprin in it, it must be pure asprin in 1ltr of water. Once a month, spray the leaves of the plants /trees/tubers. Not only will this process reduce the possibility of blight but your fruits on bushes, stems or trees will taste significantly better and sweeter.

Another top tip was, do not use grow bags, use a good quality compost for your tomatoes and grow them outside! If possible, mulch with a red colour plastic available online, this tricks the tomatoes into thinking its in competition for food and water thus sending it into survival mode, when this happens the plant produces bigger and sweeter fruit!

Instead of the tasteless moneymakers etc. Why don’t you try these ones recommended by James Wong….


Indego rose

Dancing with smurfs

Fare height blues</strong>

The final tip I have for you today from James Wong is for your fruit and vegetables. Try this, take 2 desperate strawberry plants, dissolve 4tblsp of molasses in a large watering can of water and water one of the plants once a week. Once they both bare fruit, see if there is a difference. James Wong tells us This will produce fantastic tasting fruit. I’m gonna give it a go, why not eh!

If it works i will be rolling it out for all my fruit and vegetables next year.

Cheap molasses is available from Horsecare website. Here are some of the unusual seeds and plants I’ve picked up for the planting this weekend.


Big Al

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