Crop Report 2 Mar14

Wye Valley Asparagus is here although it is a lot more expensive than the Puruvian.
Yorkshire Rhubarb is now plentiful and great value. Red, Green Kale, Black Cabbage and Savoy remain good! English Greens are being replaced by Portuguese Chou Pont Tou. Pink Fir Potatoes from Kent make excellent Salad Potatoes.
Purple Sprouting Broccoli is also very good quality as is Long Stem Broccoli.
Still plenty of excellent root vegetables. English Parsnips, Swede, Carrots, Onions, Potatoes, Raw Beetroot and Turnips. Vibrant Golden and Candied Beet also plentiful.
English Apple and Pear update!

Still some Braeburns on the market!

English Coxes remain good quality but are increasing in price.

Russets are very good, something different for the fruit bowl or cheese board!
Plenty of Conference on the market and English Comice although these are more money.

Again not a major change this week! Have seen some Italian Cima De Rappa and Monks Beard. All othe produce remains constant.
New Season Cyprus Potatoes have arrived! Jersey Potatoes are now available but quite expensive.
The Spanish Season is still fully operational, this means that many of your daily items such as Cucumbers, Iceberg, Cos lettuce, Little Gem, Peppers, Aubergines, Broccoli, Butternut Squash Spanish Cauliflowers are fantastic. Also excellent Plum Tomatoes from Spain and Italy.
Citrus is very good at this time, including excellent Blood Oranges from Sicily, Clementine’s with and without leaf. Un waxed Lemons are available!
Lychees are in these are from Madagascar and South Africa. We are moving on to Costa Rica Melons, these have an unusually high sugar content so the flovour is excellent.
Still excellent Heritage Carrots from France, these include Purple, White and Yellow. Coming from France also are excellent Roscoff and Grelot Onions. There is French King Asparagus available but very expensive. Globe Artichokes look good! Also still Romanesque Cauliflowers about!
Very good Sweet Potatoes from USA

Guatemalan Sugar Snaps and Mange Tout have eased in price slightly. Kenyan Fine Beans good quality and value for money.
Lots of South African Fruit at the moment including Yellow Plums, Apricots, Nardacots and Cape Grape. Also from S.A. punnets of Baby Heritage Carrots these look really good.
We are working French/Spanish Grannies, Reds and Gala’s. There will also be Spanish and Italian apples. New Zealand Braeburns and Pink Lady Apples still available.
Spanish Strawberries, Chilean Blueberries, USA Raspberries, Dutch Blackberries and red Currants.
We are now working Dutch Comice Pears which are very firm but very juicy!
Limes from Mexico.

Mango’s and Paw Paw are from Brazil, very good Indian Pomegranates. Brazilian Figs.

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