Corporate Social Responsibility

etc.venues and our commitment to our community.


etc.venues and Social Enterprise

etc.venues were an early supporter of Magic Breakfast raising funds and sending our chefs and foodies out to schools where they ran fun workshops to encourage eating fruit and vegetables – the star attraction was always the pomegranate!   We helped Magic Breakfast raise their profile when Boris Johnson, Mayor of London selected etc as an example of an SME volunteering initiatives.  Alastair Stewart speaking alongside Boris at City Hall featured the work of Magic Breakfast in his presentation.  They now deliver free, nutritious breakfast food to 17,000 children daily in areas of England where children would otherwise start their school day too hungry to learn. The charity has over 180 partner schools in London, 9 of which are in Camden.  The charity now receives funding of £1.1 million from the Department for Education. Carmel was awarded an MBE for her services to school food in the New Year’s Honours 2016.  We’re thrilled for Carmel, her inspirational team and how big they became !

Being a small company we love the idea of supporting something small where our help can really matter, the latest enterprise to have caught our eye is  Dusty Knuckle. They are an award-winning social enterprise who  “make beautiful bread and delicious things, with great care and obsessive energy.”  We love that they work with young people facing barriers to financial independence including  youth offenders ( hence the name ), early school leavers and the long term unemployed”. Our plans to help Dusty Knuckle are just getting started but we love the connection to food and social enterprise and hope that we can see them grow as successfully as Magic Breakfast.

etc.venues and our commitment to Good Food

Food lies at the heart of our CSR initiaitive  -  more and more of our delegates  want to know where their food comes from and how it was produced -  our approach starts with preparing and serving fresh food produced in a way that is promoted by the Soil Association as  “protecting our natural world and allowing every farm animal to feel the sun on its back”.  Our commitment is through  The Food for Life Catering Mark that provides reassurance that the food we serve meets high standards of traceability, freshness and provenance.  That means food free from undesirable additives including MSG, tartrazine and aspartame and GM ingredients and caring about where food is sourced from.Our eggs are from cage-free hens, some of our lamb is from the Texils breed, our chickens are from Suffolk housed in a welfare friendly environment and our beef (some of which is a cross Charolais breed famous for its superb eating quality) is from Northumbria and known for its unique taste. If you’ve read this far then you’ll be keen enough to go to our food blog or tweet about your food experiences @etcvenues or follow our chefs on twitter @BigAlChef and @etcchefshane.

etc.venues and our local communities

On the subject of school leavers and the long term unemployed we’re signed up to work with Lambeth to help create job vacancies for local Lambeth Residents as part of our new venue opening at County Hall. Working with Lambeth in support of their initiatives we will be offering apprenticeships, work placements and job opportunities as well as members of our team getting out and bout in the Borough visiting local schools to promote careers in the Hospitality Industry. 

etc.venues and the environment

CSR was a natural choice for us as it reflected the strongly held values of our founders and everyone that has helped develop the company ever since. As we continue to grow, we take care to develop and nurture our CSR policy to ensure we have as positive an impact of the world around us as possible.

  • Over 25 languages spoken by our team
  • We recycle more than paper and cardboard - we give many of our unwanted pieces of furniture to local community groups or organisations.
  • Over 70% of our waste is recycled.
  • We strive to ensure energy efficient practices throughout each venue and promise to build energy efficiency into all new venues.
  • We have established a team of ‘Green Champions’ in each of our venues who have responsibility for driving all environmental activities.
  • We recycle our fluorescent light tubes, standard dry battery cells and general waste from our venues.
  • We keep menus seasonal to limit our food miles.
  • We use only Fair trade teas and coffees.
  • We monitor all utilities consumption at our venues.
  • Winners of various awards for our environmental policies

For more information and our complete CSR policy click here.


etc venues  Modern Slavery Statement for the financial year ended 30th June 2017.

This statement is made pursuant to Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

etc.venues is an operator of non-residential training, conference, meeting and event venues in the UK. We currently operate in London and Birmingham in the UK. However, we still recognise that there is scope for modern slavery to occur and our risk of modern slavery in our organisation will be kept under review.

Our policy is one of zero tolerance to modern slavery and human trafficking. We expect all those suppliers in our supply chain to comply with our values.   If a supplier is found to be demonstrating unacceptable practices they will be investigated and provided with guidance regarding immediate required improvements.   If no improvement is implemented or they indicate an unwillingness to cease unacceptable practices they will be reported to the appropriate authorities and ultimately trading with this supplier would cease.

At our venues we are committed to implementing and enforcing effective systems and controls to seek to ensure that modern slavery is not taking place anywhere in our business or supply chains.

We will continually review our existing procedures and supply chain for compliance. This will determine associated risk, detection and prevention of modern day slavery and human trafficking within our supply chain for products and services to the organisation.

We will communicate this statement to our team as appropriate to ensure an understanding of the risk of modern slavery in our business and supply chains.

This statement has been approved by the board of directors.

etc.venues gender pay gap figures

Mandatory Gender Pay Gap Figures - Snapshot date 31 March 2017

1.  Mean gender pay gap - Ordinary pay 3.9%

2.  Median gender pay gap - Ordinary pay -18.8%

3.  Mean gender pay gap - Bonus pay in the 12 months ending 31 March 49.1%

4.  Median gender pay gap - Bonus pay in the 12 months ending 31 March -30.3%

5. Proportion of employees paid a bonus in the year to 31 March: Male 34.1% Female 37.7%

6.  Proportion of male and female employees in each quartile.




Lower quartile



Lower middle quartile



Upper middle quartile



Upper quartile