etc.venues and the environment

CSR was a natural choice for us as it reflected the strongly held values of our founders and everyone that has helped develop the company ever since. As we continue to grow, we take care to develop and nurture our CSR policy to ensure we have as positive an impact of the world around us as possible.

  • Over 25 languages spoken by our team
  • We recycle more than paper and cardboard - we give many of our unwanted pieces of furniture to local community groups or organisations.
  • We strive to ensure energy efficient practices throughout each venue and promise to build energy efficiency into all new venues.
  • We have established a team of ‘Green Champions’ in each of our venues who have responsibility for driving all environmental activities.
  • We recycle our fluorescent light tubes, standard dry battery cells and general waste from our venues.
  • We keep menus seasonal to limit our food miles and only serve sustainable fish.
  • Our tea is Rainforest Alliance.
  • We monitor all utilities consumption at our venues.
  • Winners of various awards for our environmental policies

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