Case study - Training and Development

Training and Development Rooms London


Alex Selwood - Expression for Growth (on behalf of various Blue Chip Corporate Clients)

Event type

Training Development - (personal development/leadership skills)

Event objectives

Leave delegates compelled to act, feeling inspired and ready to change behaviour based on the training content they have experienced.

Venue used and reason for choosing it

Dexter House - Venue of choice due to the availability of large spaces, service quality and dedicated/specialist nature of the venue with none of the distractions often found in hotels. Plus the all inclusive pricing with no hidden extras at the end of the event -  unlike many London hotels and other venues.

How did the venue help towards the success of this event

The availability of large spaces is key to the training delivered by Expression for Growth. Ideally they like delegates to only be sitting in their chairs for around 30% of the time and to be fairly active in the room the rest of the time. To achieve this in the best way possible, they like to allocate 100m2 for 10-12 delegates whereas most hotels will offer as little as 35m2. Dexter House is able to provide large rooms and breakout spaces that match the demands of such training and work closely with the client to tailor the facilities accordingly.

This is high level training and very demanding on the delegates. The inspirational setting, natural daylight, stimulating decor and energising food provides the perfect foundation for the trainers to build upon and ensure the delegates have the best chance of getting maximum benefit out of the course content.

The client runs many different types of event so the choice and flexibility of room and break-out sizes is also key.

Client comment

"Dexter House provides a fantastic learning environment and is the venue we would rate as our first choice. The staff genuinely understand our needs and are always willing to offer help and support.

Other venues often add on hidden charges and extras which leaves a bad taste in the mouth (one venue I used recently charged a 12.5% service charge on top of everything - even on top of the additional charge I had already paid for an extra flip chart). The all inclusive package available at Dexter is great to work with and easy to budget for with no nasty surprises at the end of the event.

The quality at Dexter House is consistently high -  and all delivered in a funky atmosphere supported by great AV and IT equipment (no sleepy old projectors coughing into life). The vibe is very much 'now' and not the 'past' and Dexter House is a true modern day 'Learning environment' and very different to an an old style training venue".

Expression for growth are a specialist training and development company click here to visit their website.