Case study - Training and Assessment

Training and Assessment Rooms London - Case Study


John Weaver - Thomas Telford Training

Event type

Training and Assessment for Civil Engineers and Construction Professionals

Event objectives

  • Provide focussed environment where delegates will retain as much information as possible and so reach the assessment standards required and demonstrate to their employers that the course has been worthwhile.
  • To ensure the best experience possible so that delegates pass on positive comments to colleagues and contemporaries thus securing on-going word of mouth business for Thomas Telford.

Venue used and reason for choosing it

The Hatton in London and Maple House in Birmingham.

The two venues in tandem provide a great regional solution where the training managers and event bookers can guarantee synergy and consistency of facilities for delegates whether they are in London or Birmingham.

How did the venue help towards the success of this event

The nature of the training requires a large volume of paperwork, course manuals etc and space for delegates to spread out and not be cramped is key. The work is fairly intense and a focussed, distraction free environment with natural daylight is an absolute must.

Formal syndicate rooms are not needed in this case but readily available breakout space that can be utilised at ad hoc times throughout the courses is very desirable for discussions, relaxation or group working.

Ease of travel including the ability to get there by public transport is also a key factor for Thomas Telford and their clients.

Food and catering are high on the list of things that always come up in feedback from delegates (and one of the main things they pass comment on when telling colleagues) so breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea/coffee options need to be healthy, plentiful, enjoyable and of the highest order.

Both The Hatton and Maple House meet the above criteria very closely and make them the first choice for Thomas Telford.

Client comment

"The Hatton in London provides exactly the kind of spacious, focussed training facilities we need for our highly specialised Civil Engineering ‘standards’ training.

We are delighted that etc.venues have now opened a similar venue in Birmingham as we can now ensure total consistency of quality across the two cities.

The facilities, service, catering and room set ups are first class at both venues but the acid test for us is how the delegates rate the experience they have had in recommending our courses to others. I have to say that the feedback is fantastic – most importantly our delegates appreciate how easy the venues are to get to and the quality of the food whilst they are there. It is then up to us to make sure the training content is of the highest order but we can plan that content safe in the knowledge that the training environment and facilities at etc.venues will be just right"

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