Case study - Management meeting

Management Meeting London - Case Study


Rose Agyemang - Department of Health

Event Type

Management Meeting

Event Objectives

  • Get key personnel together into a focussed environment where the chance of successful meeting outcomes is increased by the smooth running of the chosen venue.
  • Ensure everyone can get to the venue easily and in a timely manner.

Venue used and reason for choosing it

Avonmouth House in SE1.

Quite simply the convenience of the location coupled with the excellent public transport links and the great value for money that comes with competitive rates and all inclusive pricing.

How did the venue help towards the success of this event

This client holds many off site Management and department meetings at Avonmouth and really appreciates the consistently high levels in both the facilities and the service that make planning for such events so much easier.

When booking an event Rose really wants to know that things will run smoothly with no surprises and hitches and trusts the dedicated team at Avonmouth House to have a perfect, distraction free environment waiting for her and her delegates. Rose also likes the fact that there are no surprises at the end of the event thanks to the all inclusive pricing and no hidden extras.

Client comment

"My meeting budget is precious and I love the feeling I get when I book Avonmouth House that I am only spending money on the things I need and none of it is wasted on extravagances. The all inclusive pricing makes planning so much easier  -  venues that charge for extra cups of coffee, extra flip charts or for AV equipment like projectors can really inflate your bill  - but at etc.venues it's all included.

Avonmouth is perfect for us - easy to get to by public transport, great service levels when we get there, excellent freshly prepared food and a superb, modern environment.

The delegates who attend my meetings have high standards and would complain if things were wrong - and they just don't need to about Avonmouth".